Idea of

In one sentence: the Creators publish their works and the community votes which one of them will realize his project.

Briefly: is the first Polish crowdfunding site launched in 2007. It is as well social game for artists and their fans.

Game reminds very simplified model of the stock exchange. The creators publish their ideas. The fans through the transactional mechansim acquire virtual currency MegaCents. Then, fans spend their MegaCents by backing their favourite artists. At the same time fans acquire shares in their projects.

Main sharing principle is 50/50 – fifty-fifty. Each support from the fan is divided in half – one half goes to the creator, and the second is distributed among other fans backing the project, according to their percent shares. Just like the stock market so they receive some kind of return on investment. MegaCents earned this way may be spent again to support the artist.

And just like on a real stock market – you have to have a nose to spend your MegaCents well. Obviously – fans also receive bonuses that creators offer for a certain amount of investment or spot in final ranking of investors.

Most important is that these projects, which collect targeted ammount (so called MegaTotal) are realized! Once the final target is reached MegaCents are transfered to real money and, in the form of the prize, are paid to the artists! Until now, there were 106 projects which have been funded by fans.

Eventually, the dream project becomes reality – new music album, concert, book, movie, or new app!